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UNITED AMERICAN LINE established in 1996 in New Jersy U.S.A to provide specialised services to and from USA to various parts of the world. We are providing services in most of the region like Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan CIS countries, India etc. We are sure you will find our services for these region in very cost effective manner, because we believe in “Service win the heart of customers”

OUR SPECIALITY are low value commodities which include Used Machinery, Used Computers/ Monitors, parts, scrap metal of assorted varieties, waste paper, used clothing/rags, house hold and personal effect etc, etc…

Since we understand that the above items have very low margins of profit for our shippers and customers, thus we have successfully negotiated the best ocean and inland freight from various inland location and ports in USA and canada to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East and to various African Ports ( Including East/West & South Africa) and inland destination (ICD & Dry Ports) we can genuinely claim that our rates and services are competitive to these regions

We have trained professionals with many years of experience of the industry by virtue. We can offer flexibility of services that our larger competitor cannot provide. We can customize our system to every clients' individual and specific needs giving each one a personalized service, Our services include Air and Ocean freight forwarding, Vendor Consolidation, Customs Clearance, Marine Insurance, Distribution and other value added global logistics services.

OUR MISSION is to offer you the greatest possible assistance in importing and exporting that will save you both valuable time and money. What is the status of my shipment?" is the question that is constantly asked by importers and exporters. For that reason, we have reinvested in our company to give our representatives access to the technology which enables them to track and clear your shipments as quickly as possible while in transit. There is nothing that we cannot do as an international freight forwarding, shipping & logistic company.



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